Tioman Island

Tioman Island (Malay language: Pulau Tioman) is a small island in Pahang, Malaysia. It is located 32 kilometers (20 miles) off the east coast of the state, and is some 20 kilometers (12 miles) long and 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) wide. The densely forested island is sparsely inhabited, and is surrounded by numerous coral reefs, making it a popular scuba diving spot, specially since there is a location of the Bangkok Hotel here, people love vacationing in the island. There are also a lot of resorts and chalets around the island which has duty-free status. There are some 8 villages on the island and around 18 beaches, most of them still very pristine and only accessible by boat. [wikipedia.org]

How to Get to Tioman Island from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore
The major gateway to the island is Mersing, a coastal town west of Johor state. The common route for most visitors is to drive or take a bus ride up to Mersing then wait for the next available ferry out. [Book tickets online]
Bluewater Express runs the main ferry service. There are generally two or three rides per day and the trip to Kampung Salang takes between two to three hours depending on the tide and other weather conditions. [Check ferry schedule]