Dive Sites

Roger’s Wreck

Situated just in front of the north side of the bay, Roger’s Wreck gets its name from one of the pioneer members of a dive centre in Tioman. A small wooden wreck which is fairly degraded still hosts large schools of fishes; scorpionfish and a resident gigantic fan ray! Ideal for first time wreck divers and for those conducting their PADI Advanced course.
Depth: 18m – 26m
Level: Advanced
Highlights: wreck, yellowtail barracuda, fusillier and the resident fan ray


Viking Artificial Reef

Funded by the Viking Dive group and created by our own Marine Monkees crew in 2012. The Viking Reef offers something different from the local island sites. On the way to the artificial reef you swim past patches of hard corals, home to giant moray eels, cuttlefish and at night, coral cat sharks. The Viking Reef itself is home to Batfish, Filefish and many more. Going a little deeper out of the bay you can find an old engine block home to a beautiful honeycomb eel.
Depth: 6m – 20m
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Highlights: Artificial Reef, Flabellina, Moray and Honey Comb Eel


Salang Jetty

A surprising little dive site, full of huge school of yellowstripe scad, giant moray eel, white eye moray, cuttlefish, yellowbox fish, pufferfish, electric ray, snake eels, stonefish, scorpionfish, bobbit worm, skeleton shrimp, nudibranch and more.. The jetty, although not the most natural back drop is a great place to spend time searching for your favourites all under one roof (jetty).
Depth: 5m – 15m
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Highlights: Variety of marine lives


Salang Bay

Salang bay is a sandy bottom, sheltered dive site that offers fantastic visibility and is host to many small fishes such as damsel, parrot, sergeant major and angel. Swimming away from the coral into the sandy abyss look out for electric rays and on the occasion.. eagle rays.
Depth: 5m – 15m
Level: Beginner
Highlights: reef fishes, electric rays, eagle ray



Right outside Salang jetty is this island and is situated a stone’s throw from the main island of Tioman. You can expect to see pufferfish, lionfish, turtles, bumphead parrot fish, emperor fish, scorpionfish, chevron barracuda, nudibranch, sharks and more.
There is also an artificial reef sponsored by h2Oplus Malaysia and Hume Cement Sdn Bhd, planned, managed and built by Marine Monkees crew in 2013.
Depth: 5m – 30m
Level: Beginner – Advanced
Highlights: H20 Artificial Reef, chevron barracuda, nudibranch, turtle


KM Sipadan & Sawadee Wreck

The decommissioned Royal Navy warship KM Sipadan was sunk on the 29th March 2012 to become an artificial reef. It lies at 30m, right next to the Sawadee wooden wreck. You can sometimes barely see the wreck due to the amount of fish schooling around it. It’s also home to lionfish and batfish. At 31.5m in length and 7m in width, it’s not the biggest but well worth the deep dive down to have a good look around a more modern wreck.
Depth: 20m – 31m
Level: Advanced
Highlights: Wreck, schools of fishes



Just near to the main town Tekek, this small island is one of Tioman’s popular dive sites. Home to many Blacktip reef sharks, barracuda and turtles, circumnavigating this island is a joy to behold. Hosting numerous types of hard corals that slope gently out on to a sandy bottom, you’ll be surprised how many varieties of aquatic life you will find.
Depth: 6m – 15m
Level: Beginner
Highlights: Hard coral, blacktip sharks, baracudda, stingray


Malang Rock

A Marine Monkees’ favourite, Malang Rock never fails to please. Situated right next to Coral Island, this popular dive sight has it all. Hard and soft corals, swim-throughs, sharks, turtles, nudibranchs and beautiful cascading rock formations.
Depth: 5m – 18m
Level: Beginner
Highlights: nudibranch, swim-throughs


Fan Canyon

Situated on the North East side of Coral Island, this dive site boasts.. As the name suggest.. A plethora of huge sea fans. Along the way to the infamous fan canyon you will also see an abundant supply of small schools of fish, barracuda, eels and at deeper levels for those who have a keen eye.. large stonefish.
Depth: 8m – 25m
Level: Beginner – Advanced
Highlights: Giant Sea Fans



This island is surrounded by huge volcanic rock formations that provide brilliant swim-throughs to explore. Definitely for the adventurous types, Chebeh boasts a large variety of aquatic life and if you’re lucky, between the months of March – October there have been sightings of whale sharks and dolphins (surface)!
Depth: 10m – 30m
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Highlights: swim-throughs, barracuda, whale shark (if you’re really lucky)



If you like swim-throughs then this is the dive site for you. You can spend the entire dive just discovering what’s hidden under the maze of rock formations. Labas also has beautiful coral gardens where you’ll find macro fanatics trying to get that special shot of one of many nudibranchs or other macro organisms that make Labas their home. Occasionally giant grouper and giant barracuda has been seen taking shelther under those rocks.
Depth: 10m – 18m
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Highlights: Swim-throughs, nudibranch, macro life


Tiger Reef

A submerged reef situated between Labas and Sepoi Island. This reef is a hidden gem, largely undisturbed due to exposure to stronger currents. Tiger Reef has beautiful sponges, soft corals and classic rock formations. You can find a large variety of nudibranch and also less commonly seen fish like mackerel, barracuda and whale shark (if you’re really lucky).
Depth: 10m – 25m
Level: Advanced
Highlights: Prolific sponges, nudibranch, unspoilt natural beauty

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