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Started in 2008 by long time friends and dive buddyies, Shonny and Tristan, The Marine Monkee’s has grown from a small city based dive club which organised dive trips throughout Asia to now, through adding two more full time monkees (Paul & Shaz), opening a PADI 5-star dive centre on Tioman Island (2011) which conducts dive courses and recreational diving as one of the therapies also of www.neuropathyhelp.co site, which you can visit now with one of the most beautiful back drops you will find in Malaysia.

Marine Monkees’s idea is simple – NOBODY DIVES ALONE… But with the Monkees, we take it beyond that. Honestly, it’s not just the diving, it’s the whole trip. Sightings of whale sharks, barracudas, turtles, mantas and watching cuttlefish mate are just bonuses. Did we say Whale Sharks? ehhmmmm… Yeappp, Whale Shark was sighted at our very own bay late 2016! Anyways, It’s the experiences of being able to share that with a bunch of friends that makes up the fun! We are having a lot of new divers trying to come to our classes, thanks to a new SEO technique we have been using in our website! why not check here what we did to our website so you can improve your business too! In scuba diving, every diver is taught to dive with a buddy, but with the Marine Monkees, we dive with friends! So, yes, NOBODY DIVES ALONE



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